gristIt was close to three years ago when we talked about how a bicycle that is made out of cardboard could very well change the way we travel – especially in countries where the people are so poor, they survive on just $1 a day, which means even getting a normal bicycle would remain out of reach for them. Israeli cycling enthusiast Izhar Gafni is the one behind this cardboard bicycle, where it is not only highly affordable at just $10 a pop, it is also eco-friendly and lightweight.

The pieces of cardboard have been painstakingly bent and folded into what initially resembles that of a shipping package on wheels. Once done, all of it is dunked into a bit of resin, before a layer of pearly paint is added, and you end up with beautiful looking bicycle, albeit at a relatively cheap price of just $10 to make.

Since it is made out of cardboard, the coat of resin has a special role to play – it makes the entire cardboard bits and pieces waterproof, so that riders are able to glide through puddles or a rain storm without having your ride all apart or unable to take your weight due to the sogginess. There is also an attachable electric motor accessory just in case you need to have that extra boost in speed. It is so cheap, it is not even worth stealing. Right now, the bicycle is patent pending and it is tipped to be marketed real soon.

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