When a child is hospitalized, there are many different reasons for being there in the first place. However, there are always solutions out there to make sure that said child can be entertained, and instead of being glued to the TV all day long, how about engaging the help of InMoov Explorer, which so happens to be a wheel-mounted 3D printed robot that is capable of “bringing” hospitalized children to the zoo – in a virtual manner, of course.


Zoos are definitely fun places to be, and it will form memories in your little ones for many years to come. Children who are bed-ridden patients at the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (GOSH) will be able to pay a virtual visit to the London Zoo, courtesy of the above mentioned InMoov Explorer robot.

Merging open source designs alongside other kinds of technology, the InMoov robot is capable of being mounted on the Boris Landoni’s Open Wheels, which is an open source design inspired by Segway. This on-the-go-robot will be specially designed so that it can be operated by children right from the comfort of their hospital beds, now how about that? Oculus Rift headgear is worn and video game-like controllers are used to direct the robot to move. The only drawback is, you can’t enjoy all of the ice cream sold at the zoo.

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