lg-29V950Curved TVs have been touted to offer an improved viewing experience – which is a good thing, actually, for one’s eyes if one were to indulge in movie watching for hours on end every single day. Here’s an idea – why not transport such a concept to the world of computer monitors? After all, most of us would be working in front of a computer monitor for longer periods of time as opposed to watching a show on TV, unless you are a movie reviewer, of course. Having said that, LG decided to bring a new form factor to the world of All in One (AiO) PCs – with the new LG 29V950.

What makes the LG 29V950 special would be the fact that this happens to be the first 21:9 Curved All-In-One PC in the world. It will sport a 21:9 UltraWide curved screen that is not only visually stunning, it will also complement its simple and minimalist design. The integrated package would boast of a sizable 29” display that ought to make it more than adequate to work on it for hours on end, it would still remain compact enough to fit into smaller spaces.

The latest Intel fifth-generation Core processor would run proceedings from within, while one can also access the LG 29V950 from outside via HomeDrive. In other words, anything that you stash on the LG 29V950 can be accessed via a mobile device remotely, thanks to HomeDrive. [Press Release]

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