sleep-number-iq[CES 2015] It is said that sleep deprivation among children is a growing phenomenon, and this does not look as though it is a trend that will stop anytime soon – especially when you take into consideration how the lifestyles of everyday folk tend to veer towards late nights, and children would pick up this habit early on. Having said that, here is the new SleepIQ Kids bed that has been specially designed to monitor your little ones’ sleep patterns.

The bed itself will assigns a “SleepIQ” score, and before tabulating this particular score, it will gather information based on the child’s breathing, heart rate and movement. All of the gathered data will then be summarized and parsed as a score which parents can refer to, allowing them to manage their childrens’ sleep schedules – and this is also a task that your little ones can do themselves as they grow older.

All of the SleepIQ Kids bed will feature a night light that can be turned off remotely after your precious ones enter dreamland. Apart from that, there will be a different light located right under the bed which will glow whenever the child gets out of bed. Adults too, will receive an alert in order for them to supervise or check out why their child has decided to wake up and move around. The SleepIQ Kids bed is not cheap at $1,000 a pop, but it does bring a new level of tech to the bedroom.

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