Tumblr has detailed a big update for its service, “so big that we have to roll it out over two whole days,” it says. It has introduced a new set of tools with this update that are going to make it easier for users to create posts. The tools are clean, powerful and will soon be available to all Tumblr users.

The Yahoo-owned publishing platform now allows users to post images and videos anywhere. So in any caption, conversation or photo essay users can click on the attachments icon when they start a new line of text and upload an image or embed a video straight away.

Improvements have been made to how text is displayed across Tumblr on the desktop and mobile apps. So regardless of whether users are in the dashboard, a particular theme or using a mobile app, Tumblr says that it now “looks suitably regal.”

It has also made the process of making new posts much more cleaner. Everything stays exactly the same from the moment a user starts composing a post and ends it by clicking Post. The flashy customization options will be there as always.

New ways to structure posts have been introduced as well so there are subheads and horizontal lines, Tumblr promises some crafty new things for the future as well.

All of the new features will slowly be rolled out to all Tumblr users. These are some of the major improvements that this update brings,.

The smaller tweaks haven’t been detailed but users will surely discover them all on their own in due time.

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