twitter-crimeFacebook has been busy monetizing themselves away, but as far as Twitter is concerned, we haven’t really seen any big pushes by the social media network. Recently we’ve seen them try to sell ad space within a person’s “Following” list although it is unclear how that experiment is working out, and now a report from The Wall Street Journal has suggested yet another ad attempt by Twitter.

According to their report, this time round Twitter is said to be offering ads in the tweet feeds that you see in other companies’ apps and websites, which in turn would allow Twitter to share the money it makes with its partners. Twitter had reportedly given a presentation at CES on how this will work and have named apps such as ESPN and Flipboard as possible participants.

However The Wall Street Journal’s tipster has stated that the deal with ESPN is not official yet, so for now it only looks like Flipboard could possibly be on board. It is unclear as to when this might actually happen, if it does at all, but given that only Flipboard and ESPN are some of the possible names that have been mentioned, we reckon Twitter might want to try and get more partners on board before rolling out this new ad service.

In the meantime what do you guys make of this? Would you like to start seeing ads pop-up in Twitter streams while you browse and use apps like Flipboard or ESPN’s Sports Center?

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