vine kidsVine plays home to all kinds of short video clips. Some are hilarious, some are weird, and some might not necessarily be safe for work OR kids. While we doubt Vine will be launching a safe for work version of the app anytime soon, the developers have since launched a special version of the app designed just for kids in mind.


The kids version of the app was conceived during Vine’s Hack Week, which is basically time given to Vine employees to work on their own personal projects outside of work, which is also where the idea came together. The app will function pretty much the same way as regular Vine, except that in this case the videos have been carefully curated to ensure that they are kid-friendly.

It has also been given a slight UI makeover complete with bright colors and funny-looking characters to capture kids’ attention, as opposed to a more grown-up UI which might not be as attractive to children as they are to us. The app will include gestures such as swiping left or right to go through different Vine videos.

The app is a free download but unfortunately it looks like it is limited to iOS users for now. No word on whether it will arrive on other platforms as there was no mention of that possibility, but we will be keeping our eyes peeled all the same.

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