jdi smartwatchWearable technology certainly seems to the buzzword these days and it looks like JDI wants in on the action. The company has recently announced (via G For Games) that they have developed a new display designed specifically for smartwatches in mind. The company claims that their offering is a low-energy display so if you’re not a fan of having to charge your smartwatch on a daily basis, hopefully JDI’s display will be able to solve that problem.


According to the specifications, the display will feature a resolution of 320×300 with a diameter of 1.34-inches. It also uses reflective LCD technology which according to JDI, means that it will require less than 0.5% of the power typically used by a smartphone or a smartwatch with a more traditional LCD display. This is because reflective LCD display will not require a backlight, which is where most of the power is being consumed.

Instead it will rely on ambient light which should allow for vivid colors even in bright outdoor conditions, or at least that’s what we’re hoping. Actually in some ways this reminds us of Qualcomm’s Mirasol technology which can be found in the company’s Toq smartwatch. The Toq is said to be able to last a few days and up to a week on a single charge, but unfortunately JDI did not mention how long their new display could last.

The company is also expected to make their new displays available in March with mass production beginning in July, which means that if you are looking forward to seeing JDI’s new smartwatch displays, it would probably have to be towards the later part of the year.

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