click-modularIt is well known that Google is currently working on a modular smartphone, while a modular smartwatch is also not out of the equation by other companies out there. How about a modular tablet? Well, it seems that this might be a good idea to embark upon, as with the Click ARM One. The Click ARM One happens to be a 10” tablet that will sport removable modules for storage, memory, and heck, the display is also part of the mix.

ImasD happens to be taking in pre-orders at the moment, and intends to ship the Click ARM One tablet some time later this summer. The asking price for the Click ARM One tablet happens to stand at €289 apiece, which is approximately $313 after conversion. Not only that, the company behind this tablet is also working alongside Circular Devices to roll out a modular handset known as the PuzzlePhone.

The ARM in Click ARM would happen to be the acronym for Advanced Removable Modules, so do not get confused that this has something to do with the chip design firm that shares the same moniker. Do bear in mind that the Click ARM One tablet will be a limited edition device, where approximately 1,000 units had been built. The modules include a CK Core module that have a Samsung Exynos 4412 processor and 2GB RAM, but you can always remove the bad core and put in a new model, or switch it for a different core with more memory – you know the drill. Do you think that this is going to be a success?

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