apple display patentLast year Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note Edge with a curved display on one side. This year Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6 Edge with curved displays on both sides. The curved displays allowed for additional information to be shown that might otherwise be separate from the phone’s main screen, thus allowing notifications like incoming messages or calls to be displayed.

It’s an interesting idea and one that Apple could be thinking about implementing in future iOS devices. This is according to a recent patent filed by Apple which shows the Cupertino company has thought of a similar idea. However inside of having the displays curved along the side of the phone, Apple’s idea is more about integrating the display into the sides of the phone itself, as you can see in the diagram above.

However the idea behind it is similar in the sense that the secondary display will show additional information about the phone, like maybe battery life, notifications, or in Apple’s case they have suggested that the secondary display can be used for additional camera controls, like switching between photo and video, an on-screen shutter button, adjusting the flash, and so on.

Of course there’s really no way of telling if Apple plans to make this a reality, but like with the Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge, we have to admit that they can be pretty handy, but what say you? Is this secondary display a feature you’d like to see in future iPhones?

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