Apple is a company that has managed to draw a lot of fans and critics to itself. There are some who absolutely love every product Apple has put out there, and there are those who just hates everything that Apple does. We suppose at the end of the day it boils down to personal preference, but a group of guys decided it would be funny to pretend to be Apple employees and recommend customers to purchase Microsoft products instead.

The video comes courtesy of the folks at NelkFilmz who describes themselves as “group of friends that love making videos together.” They command a rather sizable following at nearly 190,000 subscribers and in their latest video, they don some blue t-shirts with the Apple logo, walk into an Apple store and pretend to be employees there. They then go around talking to customers and then attempt to convince them to purchase Microsoft products instead.

On some level it is pretty hilarious as some customers are a little wide-eyed at what they’re doing. After all why would an Apple employee recommend a competitor’s product while working at the store, right? Naturally actual Apple store employees don’t take too kindly to their “prank” and start questioning whether or not they work there before asking them to leave. If you have a few minutes to spare, you can check out the prank in the video above.

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