htc_one_e9pThe HTC One E9+ has been making its rounds as of late and is said to be an upcoming handset by the company. For those who are still skeptical about the authenticity of the handset and its leaks, you can rest assured that it is very real as HTC China has recently created a page dedicated to the upcoming handset along with photos of the device, pretty much confirming everything that we have seen so far.

HTC has scheduled an event for the 8th of April where the HTC One M9+ is expected to be announced, so there is a good chance we could hear more about the HTC One E9+ too, although if anything the launch of the website seems to have pretty much ruined the surprise for everyone, unless of course they weren’t planning on announcing the device at the event.

That being said, the specs on the website have also confirmed some of its rumored specs. For starters it has confirmed the 5.5-inch QHD display but oddly enough it lists it as 1080p as well. There is a chance that this could be referring to the smaller HTC One E9, while the E9+ is expected to pack a QHD display, kind of like how the HTC One M9 is featuring a 1080p resolution while the One M9+ is rumored to have a QHD resolution.

The specs also mention 2GB of RAM instead of 3GB, and a 13MP camera versus the 20MP camera that we have been hearing about, but like we said it could also be in reference to the HTC One E9, not the One E9+. In any case hopefully more details will surface at HTC’s 8th of April event so do check back with us then for more info!

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