aisin-pmdThe idea of a personal mobility device is definitely not new, and trust the Japanese to come up with their own iterations that are sure to garner attention – delivering the hallmarks of efficiency at the same time. Aisin Seiki Co Ltd and Chiba Institute of Technology have just made an announcement concerning the “ILY-A”, a three-wheeled electric vehicle which can ferry about a single person.


This particular ride does resemble that of a bicycle, where it can transformed into not two or three, but four forms according to the generation and purpose of the user. For instance, one will be able to electrically drive and move it in the same manner as that of a mobility scooter, or to simply push it using your hands in the same vein as that of a cart to tote luggage. Aisin Seiki along with the university intend to commercialize the vehicle within a five year timeframe, citing it to be a “personal mobility device” which should be able to come in handy in several situations.

The four modes would comprise of the “vehicle mode” in which it is driven by a motor, a “kickboard mode” that is propelled by kicking the ground, a “cart mode” where you use your hands to push it, and “carry mode,” where you are not transported by it, but rather, you fold it up to carry it around with you.

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