StarCraft-2-Legacy-of-the-Void-TassadarThe StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void title will bring an end to the story of StarCraft 2. The game was announced at BlizzCon last year but unfortunately Blizzard did not mention when the game would be released. Knowing Blizzard it might take a year or two before we see it make its way into the hands of gamers.

However the good news is that we could be inching closer towards a closed beta of the game. This is according to a report from The Daily Dot who claims to have learnt from their sources that the closed beta should be launched towards the end of March or early April. In fact they have learnt that gaming press as well as esports organizations have been told to submit their requests for beta keys, hinting that the closed beta is indeed drawing closer.

The last time something similar happened with another Blizzard game, the keys were distributed about 3 weeks later. One of their sources states, “It’s great timing for them. WCS Season 1 will be all but over and this will give players plenty of time to stream the beta and generate some excitement. As things stand the beta is pretty much ready to launch with the balance team just tweaking a few units.”

The Legacy of the Void will not be an expansion to StarCraft 2, but rather a standalone game which is an interesting approach for Blizzard. It will focus on the Protoss side of the story and should ultimately wrap it off for the StarCraft 2 title.

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