zeaplusYou can bet your bottom dollar that Apple’s current event, having seen the announcements of a cheaper Apple TV not to mention exclusivity of HBO Now, will focus on the Apple Watch. However, it looks like the folks over at China are one step ahead of Apple yet again – not in terms of innovation, but for what they are good for, which would be the cloning of devices. The Zeaplus Watch happens to be a smartwatch in the pipeline that has so far, been the most brazen attempt just yet at cloning the Apple Watch.


Expect the Zeaplus Watch to arrive with an aluminum body, but other than the looks department, you can be sure that it will not share the same kind of functionality as with its inspiration. There will be a 2MP camera located right at the bottom of the Zeaplus Watch, and this translates to some really poor design, taking into consideration how you will need to remove the Zeaplus Watch before you actually snap a photo – so much for using it as a covert spying device! At least Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity is part of the deal, making it suitable for you to receive as well as make calls directly from your wrist. Pricing details remain unknown as at press time.

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