apple watchThe folks at iFixit have recently torn down the Apple Watch and found that under the hood of Apple’s latest wearable is a 205mAh battery, and while the battery is small especially when compared to the Android Wear competition, the question is how long will it last you? Not as in can you get through the day on a single charge, but how long can the battery last before it starts to degrade.


The good news is that according to Apple, it turns out that the Apple Watch has 1,000 charge cycles in which it will be able to retain up to 80% of its original capacity. What does it mean? Basically you will be able to fully charge the Apple Watch 1,000 times and it will lose 20% of its capacity. That’s a good 2.5-3 years depending on how frequently you charge it.

After you cross that 1,000 mark, the battery is expected to degrade even further although we can’t be sure exactly by how much. So why is this good news? Given the price of the Apple Watch, we doubt this is a device users will be upgrading on an annual basis, so by giving it a lifespan of 3 years, you can rest assured that your investment will last you a while.

Also this is pretty good when you compare it against the iPhone which has a 500 charge cycle while iPods are at 400 while retaining up to 80% of its capacity.

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