asus-logoNo company in their right frame of mind would not want to be a success, this is for sure. The thing is, some companies are a whole lot more ambitious than the rest. ASUS of Taiwan has set some pretty lofty targets for themselves this year, as they intend to sell a whopping 30 million smartphones for the year 2015. That is a whole lot of handsets no matter how you look at it, and with the ASUS Zenfone 2 range rolling out officially in China in under two weeks back, with an European release shortly thereafter, not to mention their foray into the world’s second most populous country in the world, India, getting the Zenfone 2 later this April 13, you can be sure that they truly believe in their ability to hit the 30 million sales mark before 2015 calls it quits.

This particular figure was shared by Asustek chairman Jonney Shih himself, where the Chinese market is obviously the main key in reaching the company’s goal, as that particular market is said to shoulder up to 10 million projected smartphone sales. 10 million is a drop in the ocean if you were to consider how China saw 389 million smartphones shipped in that part of the world just last year alone.

Good luck, ASUS!

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