bbmThese days messaging apps are no longer just messaging apps, they act as platforms in which we can do more than just send messages to friends. For example WhatsApp has finally added voice calls, LINE has launched a variety of complementary apps and services for its messenger, Facebook introduced stickers, and now BlackBerry has decided to introduce social gaming to its BBM platform.

Dubbed BBM Connect games, the Canadian company has launch three games that BBM for Android users will be able to enjoy. The first is called Altermyth Daruma Fever which seems like a Bejeweled/Candy Crush type of game. The second is Altermyth DeceaZed which is a sniper game in which players take out zombies. Last but not least is BinaryWorks Wayang Jump in which users control a character who will run around obstacles and jumping as high as they can.

All games will be free for download but there will be in-app purchases. For example with Altermyth DeceaZed, users can spend real-life money to upgrade their weapons. What makes these games a bit more social is that they will integrate with BBM. This means that players can share their achievements with their BBM contacts and even send in-game currency.

They will be available for download within the BBM Shop or Google Play. It’s an interesting move by BlackBerry although we have to admit we’re curious to see how this plays off for the company in the long run.

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