Microsoft may not have shut the door on the possibility of Cortana being ported to other platforms, but that’s not going to stop a group of hackers from putting together their own Cortana Android port. The execution isn’t perfect and not all of the features work but the port does show that is certainly possible for Microsoft’s virtual assistant to work on a platform other than Windows.


A hacker group called OrangeSec is being this Cortana Android port and they demonstrated it at Droidcon 2015. As I previously mentioned it’s not a perfect port but Portaña, that’s what they’re calling it, can do quite a few things. However Italian is the only language that it can speak right now.

Portaña relies upon a hardware proxy to spoof Microsoft’s services to work with the Cortana Android port. Custom SSL certificates and DNS spoofing is also required to get this to work. The average user might not be willing to go through all this hassle to get Cortana to work on their Android device.

OrangeSec isn’t going to release this port, they’ve just demonstrated that it is indeed possible to port Cortana to Android. If Microsoft ever decides to bring its virtual assistant to other platforms the execution will certainly be significantly better, and the feature set considerably improved, but who knows when that will happen.

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