instagramIf you’re a fan of Instagram and use its app and services religiously on your iPhone, then you might be pleased to learn that the app will be making its way onto the Apple Watch. This was confirmed by Instagram in a report by the Financial Times (paywall; via Patently Apple) which will also make it the first time the app has debuted on any wearable.

While Android Wear and other wearables have been around a bit longer than the Apple Watch, Instagram has yet release an official app for these platforms, so it looks like Apple will be the first. According to the app’s designer Ian Silber, it seems that it was a challenge to design the app to display its feed on such a tiny display.

The key, according to Silber, was to create the simplest feed as possible. “Developing for the Watch is definitely fun but they kept it pretty scoped and limited. That’s smart because it helps shape the types of apps that come out in version one. You don’t want an app with a ton of features on your watch; you want one screen that tells you the most important information.”

It will be interesting to see how an app like Instagram will function on the Apple Watch, and more importantly how many users will actually want to view their Instagram feed on their wrist, but if you have pre-ordered the Apple Watch, then perhaps this is an app worth looking out for.

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