snapchatIf you’re a Snapchat user who is accessing the app via a third-party client, you might be interested to learn that Snapchat has recently confirmed that they will now be blocking off access from these clients. According to Steve Levy at Backchannel, apparently this is something that Snapchat has been working on for months.

The company now feels confident that they have made it impossible for third-party apps to access Snapchat data. While Snapchat never actually published its API, enterprising developers have come up with all sorts of creative ways to write apps that will support Snapchat’s features, although no thanks to a leak from last year did the danger of using a third-party client was fully realized.

Granted it is always possible that Snapchat themselves could be hacked, but to put your faith in a third-party client certainly did not seem like the best idea. The implications of closing off access to third-party clients also means that users of the BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone platform will no longer be able to use their apps since there isn’t an official Snapchat app for the platform at the moment.

Snapchat joins the likes of other messaging apps such as WhatsApp in blocking off access from third-party clients who cited security and the user experience as being the reason for doing so.

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