Lamps have been around for decades and all sorts of shapes and designs have been created since then. However if you’re in the market for something futuristic and one that will have your guests talking, then perhaps the Lunaluxx levitating lamp might be just what the doctor ordered as it should have no problems doing just that.

As the name implies, the Lunaluxx is a lamp that features a light emitting disc that is freely suspended mid air. How this is achieved is thanks to a built in electromagnetic coil inside the lamp itself, and a magnet that is installed on the disc. Through the regulation of the current, which is done about 1,000 times per second, it helps to keep the disc floating in the air while the lamp is active.

To turn the lamp on, all you’d have to do is place the disc under the lamp and once it “connects”, it will turn itself on. Turning it off is as simple as removing it. Due to the use of 1 blue LED, the creators of the Lunaluxx lamp claim that it is a very energy efficient lamp and will only consume 2-3 Watts of power, with the light produced comparable to that of a 15-20 Watt incandescent lighting fixture.

It is a very cool idea although honestly we’re not sure if there are any advantages to having a floating lamp, other than it looking pretty cool, but if you’re all about design then perhaps this Kickstarter project might be worth donating your money towards.

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