FINAL-VIOLIN-2_6703D printed instruments aren’t new because in the case of some instruments, they are made from plastic and moulds to begin with, so 3D printing an instrument is basically another way of manufacturing it. That being said, 3D printing also allows users to create all kinds of shapes and designs that might not necessarily be traditional, as you can see in the image above of the Piezoelectric Violin.

Put together by a pair of architects from MONAD Studio, the design of the Piezoelectric Violin looks pretty wild. It looks pretty futuristic too and if we didn’t know any better, it looks like it could easily pass off as a design for a space ship. However despite its rather mean look, its designs claim that it is completely playable and has described the difference in sound as being how a classical guitar would sound different from an electric one, although both do share similar techniques.

3d violinAccording to one of its designers Eric Goldemberg who spoke to the BBC, “Our desire to create unusual instruments emerged when we realised the aesthetic and technical issues we were facing as architects did not differ much from those of musicians and composers.” The Piezoelectric Violin will be put up for display at the Inside 3D Printing conference that will be held from the 16-17th April at Manhattan’s Javits Center.

The company’s other 3D printed instruments will also be on display which includes a cello, monobarasitar, and a didgeridoo. There will also be performances where musicians will be playing the 3D printed instruments as well.

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