nexus2cee_fire_thumbThe Amazon Fire Phone was launched with a lot of hype and high expectations surrounding it. After all the company’s Kindle Fire Android tablets proved to be rather successful, so it is assumed that the same could carry on in the Fire Phone, but unfortunately that did not happen, thus leading to Amazon cutting its price.

Well it looks like Amazon has decided to give the Fire Phone another price cut, this time dropping its price down to $179 fully unlocked, meaning that customers won’t need to sign up with a carrier or to a contract in order to buy the phone at that price. Even better it looks like despite the price cut, Amazon is still including a Prime membership for a year worth $99.

So if you’re a frequent Amazon shopper looking for a new phone, this does seem like a win-win situation. Prior to this, Amazon was selling its Fire Phone for $450 unlocked so to see the phone drop by a huge $270 discount in a year is pretty amazing. The last discount we saw dropped the phone’s price to $189.

Perhaps Amazon is looking to clear their inventory. After all some sales is better than no sales, right? Now if this sounds like Amazon could be thinking about quitting the mobile market, think again. Last year the company’s CEO revealed that they still had plans for more phones but hopefully they will be able to learn from the original Fire Phone’s mistakes In the meantime if you’d like to get your hands on the discounted handset, head on over to Amazon’s website.

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