chrome_for_androidWe’re sure there are many users out there who rely on Google’s Chrome browser for their Android devices. After all with it being able to sync with the desktop version and its deep ties and integration with Google’s services, it is only natural that heavy users of Google’s products and services can see the benefits of using Chrome.

However it isn’t necessarily the perfect browser, but what if you wanted a Chrome-like browser without the issues? Wouldn’t that be ideal? As it turns your wish could be granted. Google’s Chrome Android Software Engineer Aurimas Liutikas has recently announced on Reddit (via OMG! Chrome!) that the Chrome browser for Android is almost entirely an open source platform.

According to Liutikas, “After lots of work by Chrome for Android team and a huge change, Chrome for Android is now almost entirely open-source. It now matches Chrome desktop and you can build a Chromium browser by building chrome_public_apk target.“ So what does this mean for the regular user? Basically it means that with the platform being open source (almost), developers can start building third-party browsers that is based on it.

It means that users can look forward to browsers that could feature some of the better qualities of Chrome but with different features. That being said, not all of the browser is open as licensing restrictions have prevented certain media codecs, plugins, and Google services from being used, but it’s still a good step moving forward.

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