The iPhone 6 Plus is a huge phone with its 5.5-inch display and to some it does feel a bit unwieldy due to its size. However have you ever wondered what the phone might look or feel like if the bezels at the side were to be removed? Well that’s what designer Hasan Kaymak has cooked up with in his concept for the iPhone 7 Edge.


iPhone-7-Edge-concept-Hasan-Kaymak-4What Kaymak has done is remove the bezels from the iPhone. His concept appears to be keeping to the rounded edges of the iPhone’s design and the dual-tone colors for the top and bottom portions of the phone. He has made changes to the volume rocker which is now a single piece and has also changed the mute switch.

iPhone-7-Edge-concept-Hasan-Kaymak-5However the most noticeable part of his design is the removal of the bezels on the phone. This lends itself to a sleeker look and gives the illusion that the display is larger than it really is. Kaymak has also borrowed some concepts from Samsung’s Edge series of phones where in his iPhone 7 Edge concept, the device has the ability to display additional information along its edges.

We have to say that we’re completely digging this look but whether or not Apple actually ends up creating a device similar to this remains to be seen, but hopefully Jony Ive can take some cues from this design.

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