Thanks to drones, photographers now have new ways of capturing images that were previously not possible, or at least not as accessible to the majority. With drones now packing high-res cameras or the ability to strap on a camera, photographers can get some pretty awesome aerial shots as well as get some new perspectives.

Now if you’re in the market for such a drone but don’t want to figure out how to fly one yourself, perhaps the Lily drone might be worth checking out. The idea behind the Lily drone is pretty simple. All you’d have to do is toss it in the air and it will begin flying and start shooting photos and recording videos. This is made possible thanks to a tracking device worn on the arm of the user.

This helps the drone keep track of you so that it can record photos and videos. For those who love recording action videos or sports videos, then the Lily drone might be perfect for your use. It can record video at 1080p at 60fps, or 720p at 120fps, and can snap 12MP stills. The tracking device also comes with a waterproof case that can be worn on the wrist. The drone can fly up to 25 miles per hour, fly up to 100 feet, and flight time is said to be around 20 minutes.

There will be an accompanying iOS app when the device launches so that users can stream a low-res video to their phones to help them frame their shots better. The drone is priced at $499 as a special introductory price but will go up to $999 upon its release. Users who are interested can pre-order the drone on its website.

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