google logoWhen searching for information online, do you find yourself using your mobile device more than your PC? After all our phones are with us all the time, when we’re out, when we’re in bed, while commuting, and even in the bathroom so the convenience of being able to search for information anytime and anywhere is understandable.

As it turns out, yes, it seems that mobile search is starting to increase and according to Google executive Jerry Dischler, there are instances in which mobile search actually outpaces that of desktop searches in some countries, such as in the US and Japan, for example. Dischler’s revelation was part of a Google announcement in which the company announced the expansion of their suite of ads in which it will now be more optimized for mobile devices.

Due to mobile devices featuring smaller displays, Google had to cut down on certain types of ads, instead opting to replace them with ads that are more mobile-friendly, such as displaying images which will be displayed as a carousel at the top of the page, and only when users click the ads will advertisers pay Google for the traffic.

Such ads apply to users searching for cars, but Google will be taking that concept and applying it to mortgages where a worksheet can be displayed for users to select criteria in terms of loans and fees. According to Dischler, “It’s more of a swirl, with people browsing on phones, getting on their desktop at work, then their tablet at home, then purchasing through a store visit or on a phone call.”

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