About a month back we spotted an SKU of the NVIDIA Shield Android TV that had 500GB of onboard storage. The company didn’t confirm anything at that point in time so it never really became official if this variant would see the light of day. There’s hope yet it seems because a listing for the same SKU has been spotted on the online retail giant Amazon.

When the SKU was first spotted on NVIDIA’s website the company said that it wasn’t a consumer version of its Android TV system rather a development partner system.

Given recent developments though, it doesn’t make any sense at all why the NVIDIA Shield “Pro” Android TV with 500GB of storage will be listed on Amazon when it’s supposedly only a development partner system?

The listing also came with a picture of the retail box which clearly mentions the 500GB of onboard storage. Pictures associated with this listing are of press-photo quality and thus make a very convincing case that this SKU is indeed going to be released to consumers.

NVIDIA has still not said if and when the 500GB Shield Pro Android TV will be released in the market. For its part, Amazon has yanked the listing.

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