sennheiser momentum wirelessSennheiser’s Momentum headphones is one that is recommended by many as it seems to have struck a nice balance between sporting a good design and offering decent sound output, which is why the wireless version which was launched earlier this year at CES was expected to do just as well as its wired sibling.


Unfortunately it seems that is not the case as it seems that issues with the Bluetooth technology has caused the headphones to function improperly when in use. According to a report from Gizmodo, “The most annoying and most debilitating problem crops up in high traffic areas. If I walk out onto a busy New York City street, the audio connection skips, stutters, or cuts out altogether. This appears to be some sort of interference issue as it seems to get worse on more crowded streets and in airports.”

Sennheiser has since confirmed to Gizmodo that there is a problem with the Bluetooth technology, so much so that they’ve stopped the delivery of new units of the headphones until the matter has been resolved. This is rather disappointing news for customers especially for those who forked out $500 for a pair of these headphones which isn’t exactly cheap.

That being said it should be noted that the headphones will work fine when plugged into an audio source using a wire, but then again that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? In the meantime users who are experiencing these issues are told to get in touch with Sennheiser who will conduct tests of their own and will replace units that have been affected.

Sennheiser has also released an official statement about the problem. “Currently we are trying to identify the root cause. It seems that various factors of the usage scenario contribute to the weakened Bluetooth performance. Once we have identified the definite reason for the unstable Bluetooth connection we will find and offer an adequate solution for the MOMENTUM Wireless.”

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