motorola-droid-turbo-hands-on-7Unlike companies such as Samsung, HTC, or LG, Motorola is a company that doesn’t really a dozen phones on an annual basis. In fact in recent times the company’s launch has been rather predictable with the entry-level Moto E and Moto G handsets, and the company’s flagship Moto X which has gone through two generations so far.

That being said it seems that recently it has been discovered that Motorola has at least three new phones in the works and they all appear to be headed for Verizon. According to a post on Reddit, it has been found that three Motorola handsets for Verizon have been tested around the city of Chicago, and it also seems that all three devices share one hardware spec in common, and that is they all appear to feature QHD displays.

The models in question are the XT192A, XT1585, and the XT1578. Unfortunately apart from their display resolution and the fact that they’re all running on Verizon’s network, not much is known about these devices. It has been speculated that at least one of them could be the Moto X (2015) since an earlier rumor had pegged the handset’s resolution at QHD, plus there aren’t many Motorola handsets with that resolution now, like the Nexus 6 and the Droid Turbo (which could also suggest that these handsets might be successors to the Droid Turbo).

In any case hopefully more details about these phones will be revealed soon, so do check back with us later for the updates!

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