Do you happen to have a lot of free time on your hands, time that you would rather spend doing something? Amazon might soon have the perfect opportunity for you. According to a new report the company is putting together a new program which will allow people like you and me to deliver Amazon packages to customers. The idea is to have packages delivered by people who are traveling to or live nearby to the actual destination of the package.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon’s new program, aptly called On My Way, will let you deliver online orders during your spare time or if the package’s destination is close to your home or if it happens to be, quite literally, on your way.

Amazon wouldn’t directly ship the package to you, it will store the package at brick-and-mortar stores from where you’ll pick it up and deliver it to the customer.

Apparently Amazon is developing a smartphone application which will allow users to sign up for On My Way. However, it certainly appears to be an ambitious program, even by Amazon’s standards.

The company would not only have to diligently screen people who sign up, it would also have to come up with ways to ensure that part-time couriers don’t just make off with the package or claim false deliveries.

This is probably the reason why WSJ mentions in its report that Amazon isn’t fully committed to this project just yet, it’s merely considering the possibility, and if it doesn’t end up making any sense Amazon may never go ahead with On My Way.

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