While Amazon Prime might seem a bit expensive for some at $99 a year, there are a lot of benefits that comes with the subscription. For starters users will get access to movies, music, free deliveries, and best of all is that if you’re living in London, it seems that Amazon will be bringing its 1 hour deliveries to your area.


Prior to this, Amazon Prime’s 1 hour deliveries were only available in the US, but we suppose due to popular demand and the success of the service that they are now introducing it to our friends in the UK. Prime Now will offer up 10,000 products that will vary from groceries to electronics, all of which will be stockpiled in Amazon’s fulfilment center in East London which is how they are able to make their deliveries on time.

This is great for customers who want to buy products online but hate waiting for deliveries, so a 1 hour delivery is pretty much equivalent to you driving out, parking, and buying it on your own. Now for our readers in the UK, if you want to take advantage of this feature you will need to download a Prime Now app either on iOS or Android.

There will be a shipment charge of £6.99 if you want it within an hour, but if you think you can wait for a couple of hours, the two-hour delivery slot will be free during any day of the week from 8am till midnight. To find out more, hit up Amazon’s website for the details or check out the video above.

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