Amazon is yet to break out as a major game developer, it’s efforts have so far been limited to mobile devices and it’s becoming clear that the company is not content with that. Amazon Game Studios has been working hard to make a name for itself in the gaming community and the next project that it’s working on just might aid in that objective. The studio is hiring new talent for what it calls an “ambitious new PC game project” which will use the latest technology.


Since this information comes from a job post it’s too soon to say at this point in time what the company’s first “ambitious” title for PC is going to look like, and exactly what the story is going to be.

We may have to wait for a considerable amount of time to get to know that bit of information, but from the looks of it, Amazon Game Studios is quite serious about following through on this project.

It’s not like Amazon doesn’t have the talent to take up such a project. Only recently it acquired Double Helix, the developer of Killer Instinct, and has developers like Clint Hocking and Kim Swift, with titles like Portal and Far Cry under their belt.

That’s not all, popular game streaming service Twitch was also acquired by Amazon last year for close to a billion dollars, which only goes to show that gaming is not just an extra activity for the company. It’s serious about this.

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