powerbeats2_sport_colorsEver since it was announced that Apple had acquired Beats, many have been wondering what it is they want from the company. While Apple’s full plans have yet to be revealed, it seems that in the meantime the Cupertino company is slowly integrating Beats’ products into their lineup, making subtle changes that will make them feel like they are part of Apple.


The most recent Beats product to experience those changes would be the Powerbeats2 wireless headphones. These headphones were originally launched last year and featured Beats’ trademark black and red color combo and design. However it seems that the headphones have recently undergone a refresh, as you can see in the image above.

Their colors now seem to match those of the Apple Watch Sport bands where they will be available in pink, blue, green, white (not pictured), and black (without the red accents). If you have an Apple Watch Sport edition then perhaps these headphones might be of interest to you especially if you enjoy working out without having to deal with the distraction of wires and cables.

The Powerbeats2 headphones will be priced at $200 which is the same price as it was when it launched. Reviews of the headphones mostly claim that they are a bit bass-heavy which is a trademark feature of Beats, so if you’re looking for something more balanced perhaps you should look elsewhere.

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