apple watchIt’s odd that till now, Apple has yet to share the official numbers when it comes to the sales of the Apple Watch, however in the meantime many analysts and marketing firms have since offered up their own estimates. That being said according to a report from Reuters, the latest estimate from Slice Intelligence has pegged US sales of the device at 2.79 million.

That’s an impressive figure and seems to lineup with earlier reports that the wearable has seen over 2 million pre-orders, surpassing that of Android Wear devices which last we heard, only shipped a total of over 700,000 units in 2014. Of course like we said, Apple has yet to confirm these figures themselves so they should be taken with a grain of salt for now.

Interestingly enough it looks like Apple is also expected to profit greatly not just from the watch itself, but from the bands that they are selling. Given that the Apple Watch Sports band is just a piece of rubber, we reckon that it can only cost so much, but how much exactly? Analyst Kevin Keller of IHS has estimated that it costs Apple $2.05 to make, and they are selling it for a whopping $49.

Now like we said all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has stated in the past that these third-party firms who have provided figures on how much components cost were merely guesses, and that so far none of them have come close to what they really are, so that should also be taken into consideration.

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