droneDrones have a lot of potential to be used for all sorts of activities. It can be used for commercial purposes such as to deliver packages to customers; it can be used for military purposes to perform surveillance and reconnaissance work; it can also be used by hobbyists who use drones to take aerial photos and videos.


Speaking of aerial photos and videos, drones can also be used to help document certain events which is what the Amazon Basin Conservation Association in Peru are doing, which is using drones to help keep an eye on the Amazon rainforest as well as to document any illegal logging activities that are going on in the area.

According to a report from the NPR, the drones used by the group won’t be found in your local hobby/electronics store. These are custom-made drones that have been developed by Wake Forest University student Max Messinger. This drone is said to cost $5,000 and is an improvement over your typical quadcopter drone in the sense that it has a greater range, but at the same time is still able to be mounted with a camera.

Speaking to The Drone Info, it seems that the group’s use of drones has yielded some results. According to them, “We have been working with the drones in Peru for about a year and since then we have identified a number of illegal mine sites.”

[Image credit – Jason Beaubien/NPR]

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