Most people go to YouTube to watch videos about new gadgets, some of the popular videos relate to unboxings and reviews. There’s also another kind of video that’s quite popular among people, it’s the kind of video that shows these devices being subjected to all forms of torture just to see how well they will hold up against it. That’s precisely what you’re going to see in this particular video in which a solid gold Apple Watch gets destroyed by two very powerful magnets.

As many of you know by now the solid gold Apple Watch costs north of $10,000 so it’s not exactly going to be a common product. Moreover, you’re not likely to spend that kind of money just to see what happens if it comes across two powerful magnets.

However the cost hasn’t deterred TechRax, a YouTuber who has created a reputation of destroying expensive gadgets for the purpose of getting more views. That’s just how it works, and it does appear to be working nicely for him.

What TechRax did was take a gold Apple Watch, which as previously mentioned costs a small fortune, and placed it in the path of two supremely powerful neodymium magnets. The result is about what you’ll expect, but it makes for an interesting watch nonetheless.

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