12053-5569-teacher_with_ipad-lCould iPads be the future of how education is delivered and consumed by students and how teachers conduct their classes? While the LA School District might not have had much luck with their iPad initiative, it seems that over in New York the Mineola Union Free School District is already in its fifth year.

The school district has been steadily equipping its students with iPads which are used as part of their curriculum. In fact it seems that to date, the school district has managed to convert 75% of the curriculum to the iPad which is a rather significant portion when you think about it. This isn’t to say that they will eventually move away from pencil, paper, and books.

Students are still expected to write out reports on physical paper, but in some instances an iPad might prove to be more efficient. For example in one of the math lessons, students rely on an app called Edmodo to complete their questions and interact with the teacher to check their answers, which in this case is more efficient than having to submit sheets of paper for simple/shorter lessons.

Apple is also said to be making some major changes to its iPad in Education program, namely to remove some barriers schools face when trying to take advantage of the iPad in the classroom so that they would be more willing to adopt them in the future.

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