NetflixDVDGiven that digital video services seems to be all the rage in the past few years, you would think that these services would have long surpassed the sales of DVDs. Oddly enough just like how it was only recently that digital music streaming surpassed CD sales, it seems that DVDs are still ahead in terms of revenue, but not for long.


According to a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers, they have estimated that in 2015, the revenue generated by online video revenue will finally surpass that of DVDs. According to their numbers, they claim that online video revenue could climb to $9.5 billion later this year, while sales of physical videos such as DVDs will drop to $7.8 billion.

They also expect that come 2017, online video revenue could rise to $12 billion and even surpass that of movie theaters, although this is hardly a doom and gloom situation since watching movies in a theater is a vastly different experience compared to that of watching it at home, unless of course you have a tricked out home theater system all setup.

That being said it seems unlikely that DVDs will be going away anytime soon, thanks to services such as Redbox and the disc option offered by Netflix.There are also users who might prefer collecting physical copies of the movies/shows they watch, and those who don’t think it’s worth it subscribing to the likes of Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and etc.

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