“Foldable” might be the new buzz word in a couple of years if the increasing number of patent filings are anything to go by. It is already being rumored that Samsung is working on foldable devices to set its high-end offers apart from the competition. A new patent filed by Samsung for a foldable tablet has surfaced online, it was actually applied for back in November 2013 but the Korean Intellectual Property Office has just published it recently.


Patent no. 30-0757696 corresponds to a design registration patent which basically means that it shows the actual look of a device that may or may not hit the market, it can’t be said for sure, since companies are not bound to release everything that they patent.

The patent outlines a foldable tablet from Samsung with two seams and a flexible display allowing the device to be folded into three segments, kind of like the way one would fold a map.

Recent rumors suggest that the company is working on something new which it internally refers to as Project Valley. It’s said to be a one-seam folding smartphone from the company which may arrive in the not so distant future.

Perhaps after first launching a foldable smartphone the company will turn its attention towards tablets. From the looks of it, Samsung is serious about coming to the global market first with foldable smartphones and tablets.

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