windows_updateA couple of days ago it was discovered that Samsung laptops were disabling Windows Update. For those unfamiliar with Windows Update, it is a tool included on every copy of Windows that basically helps search for the latest updates to help keep your computer patched and updated to the latest Windows software.

Instead Samsung decided to disable it and use their own SW Update tool in its place. Naturally many users weren’t too pleased with this and the good news is that Samsung has agreed to stop doing it. In a statement provided to VentureBeat, Samsung has promised that they will be issuing a patch to its software in which it will stop disabling Windows Update.

According to Samsung, “We will be issuing a patch through the Samsung Software Update notification process to revert back to the recommended automatic Windows Update settings within a few days.” For those wondering why this is a big deal, it is because while there is no issue with Samsung’s own software, the fact that it ignores the user’s commands is disturbing.

Basically if you were to re-enable Windows Update, upon reboot the SW Update tool will disable it again. The only way to ensure your Windows Update settings are not being messed with is by uninstalling SW Update. In any case if you’re a Samsung laptop owner, this is an update you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

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