hugo barra xiaomiThe US market is one of the markets that many smartphone OEMs would love to break into. Xiaomi has been doing well for themselves in countries such as China which has a massive population, but getting their products over stateside is obviously a goal for them. However if you were hoping it would be soon, you might be disappointed.

This was revealed by Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra during the Code Conference in which he basically reaffirmed that while the US is part of Xiaomi’s long-term plan, it does not seem that they will be releasing smartphones for the US market anytime soon. Instead Barra stated that they wanted to keep testing the waters by selling accessories.

This is evidenced by the launch of Xiaomi’s online store in the US earlier this year in which the store only sold Xiaomi made accessories and not smartphones. We suppose this is a bit disappointing but for those in the market for cheap accessories like headphones or fitness trackers, then that’s where they could turn to.

In some ways it looks like Xiaomi is testing the response to cheaply priced products to see if their phones would be just as big of a success in the US as it has been in Asia. We suppose that time will come when Xiaomi will begin selling their phones stateside, but what do you guys think? Does the company have what it takes to succeed in the US market based purely on price alone?

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