apple musicApple Music will cost users $9.99 a month if they were to listen to it themselves, but if they have family members they’d like to share it with, it will cost $14.99. Seems fair and seems to be in line with what other services are priced at as well. However it turns out that due to the difference in currency and regions, there are some countries that will pay a fraction of what US customers are paying.

For example it has been found that over in India, Apple Music will be priced at $2 (after conversion from its local currency), and $3 for the family plan. This is a fifth of what Apple Music subscribers will be paying in the US! Another example is Brazil, Indonesia, and Thailand where it is priced at $5 for single-user and $7 for the family plan.

In Malaysia users can expected to pay $3.99 for the single-user subscription and $5.99 for the family plan, all of which are cheaper. However like we said this is to be expected given local currency values and the consideration that not many would be as willing to pay $9.99 for the service.

Then again this practice is pretty normal as other competing services such as Spotify are significantly cheaper in some markets as well, if you were to compare it against what US customers are paying. At the same time let’s not forget that there are customers who are also paying more, like those in the UK and Europe who are paying the equivalent of $15 a month for single-user subscriptions.

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