apple watchSo now that the Apple Watch has been released, we’re sure many are curious as to how well the device is doing. Has it really changed the smartwatch landscape like many had initially thought? Or is it just one massive and overhyped flop? Naturally there are arguments for both sides, but according to recent data, it seems that the Apple Watch could be a success.

According to the latest data released by research firm Strategy Analytics (via MacRumors), it seems that the Apple Watch is actually commanding a whopping 75% of the smartwatch market at the moment. In fact their lead is so strong that second place is Samsung with a meager 7.5% market share.

The firm goes on to estimate that Apple managed to sell 4 million Apple Watches in the second quarter, which once again dwarves that of Samsung who sold 400,000 smartwatches and is in second place. All of this seems to point towards the device doing really well, but oddly enough Apple has yet to release the official numbers, so what we’re dealing with here is mostly based on estimates.

That being said, during Apple’s recent earnings call, the company’s CEO Tim Cook refuted the claims that sales of the device was declining. Cook points out that sales of the watch actually peaked in June, indicating that if anything, sales appears to be on the rise. In any case we guess we will have to wait for if and when Apple decides to release the official figures, but in the meantime do you think the Apple Watch is doing well?

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