Health is increasingly becoming a major area of focus for mobile device manufacturers, smartphones these days are capable of measuring different kinds of biometric data but so far there hasn’t been one to measure body fat. Though the possibility exists that future Samsung smartphones might be able to measure body fat as well.

The company has been granted a new patent which details a method that involves four sensors installed near or in a phone itself for measuring body fat. “Near” the smartphone means that these sensors could be embedded in the screen cover of a case.

The illustrations in the patent show a user holding the sensors with both hands to get a reading. All of these sensors would then work together to measure impedance levels following contact with the human body.

People who like to stay on top of their health are likely to appreciate if this feature ever makes it to a smartphone while for others it just might be a novelty that they have no use for.

Users might like the sensors to be in the device itself since getting an extra case would cost more money and add to the device’s dimensions as well.

Given that it’s only a patented technology right now on can’t really be sure if and when Samsung plans on bringing it to market, we only know that it has the required paperwork in place to do so.

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