Philips has joined forces with Disney to create a new line of night lights fashioned as popular Disney characters. These glowing night lights are actually called SoftPals and children can use then as night lights right in the bed with them. There are plenty of characters available right now with more to come so there will certainly be something for every child. Since they have been designed with children in mind SoftPals are actually quite safe and secure.

SoftPals are fashioned out of silicone which makes them squeezable, soft and safe. They’re powered by batteries so there’s no need to plug them into a wall socket.

Don’t worry about them being too hot to touch after extended use, SoftPals actually have LEDs inside which would ensure that they don’t get hot even if left on for quite a few hours. There’s a tilt-activated timer built-in so they can be set to turn off automatically just five minutes to aid a child in falling asleep.

Philips is going to sell SoftPals for about $25 a piece starting in the next few weeks, initially Disney characters from Frozen, Spider-Man and Monsters Inc. will be available but down the line we can expect more, including some from Star Wars as a new movie is incoming.

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