the borgThere is the say that two heads are better than one, which is basically saying that sometimes it takes more than one person to solve a problem. This is also why in schools they are fostering more teamwork as it is believed that multiple contributions to a group can lead to a better solution or a better idea.


This is what scientists are trying to prove in that the more brainpower there is, the better we can solve problems. So much so that these scientists at Duke University have successfully connected the brains of three macaque monkeys in a bid to show that mental prowess can be improved with more minds at work.

Basically the minds of these monkeys were connected and they were tasked to manipulate a three-dimensional, virtual arm on a screen. Through their combined mental efforts, it was discovered that they were able to manipulate the arm, whereas if they were to try it on their own, they weren’t able to.

In fact the combined mental capabilities also allowed their minds to adapt, so in the event that one of the monkeys was distracted, the other two would then be able to pick up the slack. Now we know that this sounds like something out of science fiction where we have seen hive-mind robots and aliens try to take over the earth/universe.

However according to Miguel Nicolelis, the Duke University scientist behind the work, “We’re conditioned by movies and Hollywood to think that everything related to science is dangerous and scary. These scary scenarios never crossed my mind and I’m the one doing the experiments.”

That being said it is unclear as to what kind of use this experiment might have in real-life in the future, but a good example could be where it could be used for brain rehabilitation, like in patients with stroke where they could soon regain their mental faculties by connecting to the brain of someone healthy.

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