314-facebooklikehdIn the past we have seen people post some questionable things on Facebook that have led to people getting fired from their jobs, and interestingly enough it seems that liking a post on Facebook could very well constitute a violation of a restraining order. This is according to a recent arraignment by a Pennsylvania county court for a certain Justin Bellanco.

Bellanco’s ex-girlfriend April Holland had filed a restraining order against him after he had threatened to “shoot her knee cap to watch her suffer.” The restraining order forbade Bellanco for having any contact with Holland for at least a year, but he was arrested earlier this week after Holland had told authorities that he had liked 22 of her photos and videos on Facebook.

According to a post on CitizensVoice, authorities claimed that his actions did constitute a violation of the restraining order. However in a statement that Bellanco made to ArsTechnica, he claims that the posts were on his Facebook wall, and that he liked them so that he could save them later before he deleted his Facebook account.

He writes, “I liked a bunch of stuff while I was out so when I got home I would be able to just go to my activity log and easily find what I wanted to save… unfortunately she received notification of me liking certain posts that she was tagged in.” So what do you guys think? Assuming his actions were indeed “innocent” and unintended, do you think it counts as a violation of the restraining order he had against him?

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