Samsung-Pay-03According to an announcement made last week, it was revealed that Samsung’s answer to mobile payments, Samsung Pay, will finally be launching in the US come 28th of September. We’re sure many Samsung users out there are pretty excited by the news and wouldn’t mind taking the service for a spin.

Unfortunately if you are a Verizon subscriber, it seems that Samsung Pay will not be supported by the carrier. This was confirmed in a tweet by Samsung Support USA in which they pointed users to the official Samsung Pay website which does not list Verizon as one of the service’s supporters.

Instead it seems that Verizon’s competition such as AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile will support the service. Heck, it even seems that US Cellular, which is a smaller carrier than Verizon, will support Samsung Pay. It is unclear as to why Verizon has opted to not support Samsung Pay, but that’s something worth keeping in mind.

It is possible that maybe in the future Verizon will have a change of heart, but in the meantime we suggest that you don’t count on that happening. There is talk that Samsung Pay could see a higher adoption than Apple Pay, namely because Samsung will not be collecting a fee for usage of Samsung Pay, but we’ll have to wait for its deployment to get a better idea. In the meantime anyone planning to use Samsung Pay upon its launch?

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